Elon Musk reignites ‘pedo guy‘ controversy, says it‘s ‘strange‘ cave diver hasn‘t sued him

has revived the controversy over comments he made in July about a British spelunker involved in the Thai cave rescue mission.

The chief executive said in a tweet late Tuesday that it was “strange” that cave diver Vernon Unsworth had not sued him for on Twitter.

Unsworth had criticized Musk‘s idea to save a now-rescued boys‘ soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand by using a mini-submarine crafted out of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket part. The Briton at the time said Musk could “stick his submarine where it hurts.”

The cave diver said shortly after Musk‘s remarks in July that he was considering taking legal action against the billionaire. Tesla shares fell more than 3 percent that day.

Musk to Unsworth days after he made the baseless accusation that the British explorer was a pedophile. In two posts on Twitter, the Tesla boss said he made the claim in “anger” and that the diver‘s criticism of his submarine proposal did not warrant such a retaliation.

But the billionaire entrepreneur on Wednesday doubled down on his claim about Unsworth, questioning why the diver did not proceed with legal action against him.

Musk said that Unsworth had been “offered free legal services.” Arguing with a Twitter user who brought up the debacle, Musk repeatedly questioned why his comments about the diver had not been investigated.

Representatives for Musk‘s companies Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company were not immediately available for comment.

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