Flurries seen in central NC a ‘preview‘ for wintry weather Sunday

— Snow flurries spotted in Roxboro and north-central North Carolina Wednesday morning will not stick around but are an “appetizer” of what‘s to come this weekend.

Wednesday be the first of several colder days this week that bring an elevated chance for some wintry weather.

According to WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner, some flurries are possible for the Triangle‘s morning commute, but accumulation would not be a concern, as ground temperatures are too warm for the precipitation to stick.

“Most of us won‘t see flurries, but it‘s worth a mention,” she said.

In the North Carolina mountains, however, snow is already flying. According to Gardner, Boone could see up to 3 inches of snow Wednesday, with even more expected this weekend.

In the Triangle, Thursday and Friday will be cold but clear and sunny, and the chance for significant precipitation in central North Carolina won‘t come until late Saturday and Sunday.

“The latest trends suggest a slower arrival of precipitation, so it‘s possible that we will stay dry still for outdoor festivities and parades Saturday,” said Gardner. “Later in the day, precipitation chances increase and it looks like some areas will see at least a period of wintry precipitation mixed in.”

Although the system is still in California, the European Model shows there is an 88 percent chance of Raleigh seeing at least 1 inch of snow. The same model shows a 64 percent chance of the Triangle seeing 3 inches of snow and a 36 percent for the area to see 6 inches.

The timing has been delayed, and Gardner said the region likely won‘t see precipitation until late Saturday or early Sunday. With that rain comes a chance for snow or sleet.

“If snow falls Sunday morning, it will likely turn to rain very quickly and melt whatever is out there as temperatures climb above freezing,” said Gardner. “The rain could last through Monday evening and change over to snow again briefly.”

An American Model shows a 57 percent chance for 1 inch of snow, a 43 percent chance of 3 inches of snow and just a 19 percent chance for 6 inches.

“This is enough to make snow lovers like me excited,” said Gardner.

It is still too early to talk specifics, but the system that brings the risk for snow is expected to move into the area late Saturday and will last at least through Sunday.

Although it is likely the Triangle will see snow for a period of time over the weekend, there is a good chance the precipitation could change over to rain. The timing of that change will play a major role in how much snow will fall.

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