Brett Favre doesn’t think Aaron Rodgers will stick with the Packers, believing the quarterback will move on to play somewhere else.

Will Aaron Rodgers play another game for the Packers?

No one has the answer to that question right now but everyone has a guess.

That includes Brett Favre, the Green Bay fixture who was replaced by Rodgers after a similarly protracted breakup.

“I think we may have seen the last of Aaron in Green Bay,” Favre said on WNSP-FM 105.5 in Alabama. “I don’t know that for certain. It’s just a gut [feeling]. He may try his hand somewhere else now.”

Brett Favre expects Aaron Rodgers to leave the Packers

The idea of gut feelings became a theme for that topic of conversation.

“If your gut’s telling you that you want to try your hand somewhere else, whether it’s gotten stale here or stagnant or numb, then go give it a try,” Favre said when asked what advice he’d give Rodgers as he sets out to make his decision.

Favre can relate somewhat to the situation Rodgers is in, even if the circumstances are different. After making a legend with the Packers, the quarterback waffled back and forth over the idea of retirement. He stepped away from the game for just a couple of months before trying to return, but by then Green Bay had committed to moving forward with Rodgers.

Amid frustration with Packers management, Favre ended up working out a trade to the Jets. He finished out his career in Minnesota with the Vikings.

It was a strange sight to see Favre wearing a uniform other than the green of the Packers but fans had to get used to it. They may have to get used to it again with Rodgers.

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