There are worse jobs to be had. There are definitely worse coaches to be had. Daboll would be great for helping Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa develop and improve. The two are almost certainly familiar with each other thanks to their time together at the University of Alabama.

Daboll has been a successful coach for years and was the offensive coordinator for the Alabama Crimson Tide back in 2017. As it turns out, that was Tagovailoa’s freshman year with the Crimson Tide, a season in which he helped Alabama beat Georgia in the national championship game. That familiarity could potentially be a pretty big benefit for this pairing, should it happen.

Miami Dolphins: Brian Daboll reportedly emerges as leader for Dolphins head coaching job

While Daboll would be leaving a very stable position with a franchise that has found a way to sustain some solid success, he would get a chance to be a head coach and help shape the future of what Miami wants to do. Sure, he’d have to give up working with one of the most intriguing quarterbacks in the NFL, but it looks like he’s got the opportunity to be the guy that leads the organization.

That’s not a bad opportunity to consider, even if it is for a team that is slightly dysfunctional.

If nothing else, at least the weather is a good bit warmer and he could go to the beach pretty much whenever he wanted to. That’s definitely a factor that must be considered whenever someone is choosing a new job.

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