“Congress has not delegated such [oversight] authority to individual members of Congress who are not committee chairmen, and the House has not done so under its current Rules,” a White House oversight lawyer wrote to Jordan and Comer in letters obtained by Politico.

Jordan and Comer may be planning to become committee chairmen in the near future, but the House doesn’t delegate oversight powers to “aspirational” committee chairs. This isn’t a school yearbook, what you plan to be when you grow up doesn’t have legally binding powers.

Anywho, all of this is just an idle moment of screw you from the Biden White House during this liminal tween-holiday week, Politico reports neither letter rules out cooperating with those records requests once, you know, the subpoena-ignoring coat-losing seditionist and his peer actually have the authority they currently don’t.

It also predictably put at least one of the two in a foul mood, with the Jim Jordan-controlled House Judiciary GOP account having a minor bovine moment towards Politico for daring to report on the letters before asking Jim Jordan to comment on them.

Yeah, okay, fine, and asking Jim Jordan for his thoughts was necessary why? Is there some actual dispute here over whether Jordan currently has House authority that he pretty plainly doesn’t? Is there some universe in which asking Jordan his thoughts on the matter will not result in Jordan impotently bellowing outrage and conspiracy theories at whichever poor sap was tasked with interacting with him?

Here, here’s how the Jim Jordan response would have gone, if Politico had asked:

POLITICO: Do you have comment on the Wh—


Nobody needs that crap. We already get that crap every time House Republicans throw Jordan at a camera, which they do at every opportunity. How about we ask for the opinions of people who aren’t covering for an attempted violent overthrow of our nation’s government after covering for international extortion, petty grifting, and sex crimes.

We’re all going to be hearing plenty from Jordan come January, when House Republicans pass a new rule ordering C-SPAN cameras to stop covering the House floor and instead follow Jordan around to document every sweaty tantrum, reality television style. Politico and the White House are both doing the nation a holiday season favor by forcibly muzzling him for a few more days.


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