Except that Musk fired all his engineers, and the people left at Twitter are clearly scrambling to keep the whole app from crashing. Well, mission not accomplished. 


The fact that Twitter Spaces was making everyone crash was hilarious enough. But things got even better: 


Just take a moment to savor how humiliated Musk must’ve felt—and just one month after his big rocket failure. This humiliated: 

And if it was humiliating for Musk, imagine being DeSantis: 


The DeSantis campaign tried to make the best of a terrible situation, tweeting, “It seems we broke the internet with so much excitement,” but it was the Biden campaign that won the night: 

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait for Donald Trump’s mocking reaction. There is real joy in seeing that one-sided maul-fest. 


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