Mazatlan – a jewel on the Mexican pacific


Mazatlan is a jewel on the Mexican pacific, due to its beauty and great climate. Mazatlan is located in the state of Sinaloa, offering more that 15 miles of clean sandy beaches, great hotels, restaurants, famous nightclubs and of course, their friendly people that invite you to be part of this magnificent destiny in Mexico .

Mazatlan offers its visitor a combination of cultural and natural attractive resources, beginning with its old town of Mazatlan, where you could find magnificent old buildings, cathedral and many more things that will transport you and enjoy another view of this place. In Mazatlan you will enjoy a nice tropical weather sometimes warm and sometimes cool, depending on the time of the year, but regularly weather is template and acceptable.

Mazatlan offers an excellent growing hotel infrastructure and boasts to have some of the best nightclubs in Mexico , where party never ends. Excellent restaurants from all types of food, among many of the things you can enjoy in this beautiful paradise of the Mexican pacific.

An interesting activity in Mazatlan that will led you to know many interesting places, at least the part of the beautiful port of Mazatlan, is to rent a scooter and cruise around town to personally know the city, passing by Mazatlan famous promenade, where you will be able to listen to local “Tambora” music, cruise on the old Paseo del Centenario walk, visit the beautiful cathedral of Mazatlan or get close to “El Faro” or old lighthouse located up in a hill right on the shore of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan counts with great restaurants, starting with small but delicious fresh Mexican seafood stands, to nice and well established International cuisine restaurants. Restaurants in Mazatlan are for all tastes and budgets; Mazatlan is a paradise for seafood, being one of the largest shrimp producers in the world, Mazatlan offers many other restaurants besides seafood: Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish, among others.

One of the main advantages of visiting Mazatlan is that you will have the chance to practice many activities, such as water sports, tennis, golfing, fishing, snorkelin, diving, shopping or having a walk through the well known “Malecon” (boardwalk) and much.much more. Mazatlan is well known in the world for its excellent sport fishing, as well as great dove, duck and quail hunting.

Mazatlan counts with a vast list of festivities and events throughout the year, which can form part of your vacation; there are, of course, more relevant events than others, but all of them have something interesting to offer to visitors. February is one of the greatest months of celebration in Mazatlan, due to the fact that is the month when carnival takes the city into a magnificent moment that is enjoyed by thousands; folklore, parades, music, fiesta and more can be seen and enjoyed by all visitors and locals at this great annual celebration. There are many other important events in the year besides the carnival of Mazatlan, such as great tournaments, like International fishing contests, with participants from all over the world.

With its beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches and the city’s colonial architecture, its great restaurants, hotels and nightclubs, Mazatlan has everything you are looking for to have one of the best vacations ever.

Use of telephone in Mazatlan

Local calls: dial the 7 digit number
Calls to USA or Canada : dial 001 + area code + 7 digit number
Calls to Mazatlan from USA or Canada : dial 01152 (669) and the 7 digit number