Sad Panthers Fan regrets to inform you that she continues to be correct

The team effort to lose games continues for the Carolina Panthers, as does the inability to do anything on the road against good or bad teams. And now, the season has turned into an abject disaster on just about every level.

The time of death for this season was declared by some to be the end of this game. Except the season actually died back when the Panthers lost in Detroit.

I predicted after that game that the Panthers would lose their next six games. I‘m a third of the way there. And I don‘t like being right as much as y‘all think.

Everything is terrible.

Being 6-6 and on the outside of the wild card race is bad enough. It gets worse, though.

There‘s a head coach on the hot seat!

(Honestly, that‘s probably the best thing of the worst things. We‘ll get to that shortly.)

Greg Olsen is likely done … and maybe forever.

Cam Newton‘s shoulder is toast. And he threw four picks against the freaking Tampa Bay Buccaneers as his offensive line collapsed all around him and he threw incredibly ill-advised passes.

HE DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHICH INTERCEPTION WAS WHICH when asked about them after the game.

Oh and also, the defense still stinks. And it stinks in the most annoying ways possible.

If I never see another opponent third and long the rest of my life, it‘ll be too soon.

And after all of this trash, the Panthers are still very much alive for a wild card spot that they will do nothing with, and risk further injury to their best player to try to fruitlessly reach, only to cost themselves several draft picks.

Stop. It. Please.

The Ron Riv-ERA is seemingly approaching its end. Please save us, David Tepper.

A that new owner David Tepper isn‘t going to wait things out with Ron Rivera if things continue down this path.

Reading that he wants to go towards a coach who values analytics and isn‘t from the stone age nearly made me weep from joy. Reading that he likes John Harbaugh, not so much, but hey. We‘ll see. I believe that Tepper is at least more willing to act when action is needed, and it is.

Rivera is clearly aware that his job is in jeopardy, so he took over defensive play-calling duties from Eric Washington against Tampa Bay. Obviously not much noticeably improved, if anything, and things are still bad, because it‘s of course a combination of personnel and other problems.

What‘s better is he fired Brady Hoke and Jeff Imamura, which just reminded me how annoyed I was when he hired Hoke as defensive line coach to begin with.

It‘s a big deal that Ron did this. He doesn‘t like to do this. He‘s loyal and often to a fault to his staff and to his players. Which includes sometimes letting his players decide when they‘re going to play and when they won‘t, which has arguably led to the situation the team is in now.

Whatever. The only thing I don‘t want is for Ron to start doing something that he wouldn‘t normally do in terms of being a game coach just to save his job. You know, like making sure things like this don‘t happen.

Thank you for being wonderful, Christian McCaffrey.

The only – and I repeat, ONLY – consistently good thing about this season has been McCaffrey. He‘s been a joy, and especially the last few weeks with Newton banged up, he‘s almost literally carried the team.

Seriously, click on that thread and take a look at not only some of McCaffrey‘s best moments against Tampa Bay, but also some numbers that illustrate how much he‘s improved and how much more well-utilized he is. He‘s also on pace to break the franchise record in yards from scrimmage this year. He‘s had quite the workload, but this season is what I envisioned him being like for this team and it‘s really cool to see him work with a coordinator who knows how to use him.

Cam Newton Fashion Update!

This segment is particularly relevant this week. We all already know that Newton does not necessarily, uh, bring a backup outfit with him in case of a loss. I‘m 100% sure that he doesn‘t bring an outfit assuming a win or a loss. Or ever assuming that he‘ll throw four interceptions.

That said …

Is that … man cleavage? Either way. He looks like a character in Alice in Wonderland.

So even in the context of Cam outfits, it‘s an admittedly weird juxtaposition of poor play to a particularly … funny outfit.

But the thing is … he‘s always done this. He can‘t win.

Hot takes about outfits aside, this is just some real Carolina Panthers stuff right here:

On to Cleveland.

Oh dear.

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